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The Sarah Project Experience - DAY 6

LET MY HAIR DOWN (Interlude)*

These "song blogs" have been true moments of transparency for me and I see no reason to stop now, so I will be honest. The other songs started from a very authentic place where the concept spoke to me and I just followed the leading of the whole production. THIS interlude was born of my desire to use the artwork I chose for the album. LOL. People who know me personally know that while music is my first passion (after God, family, community), bodybuilding is next in line. I worked super hard to achieve that condition and I felt like the photo with my hair pulled up could look artsy because of all of the lines, so I filtered it yellow and there it was. I was happy with it but I wasn't sure it would make sense with the project so...I decided to come up with a concept that could tie it in.

"Let My Hair Down" was perfect because it is a literal description of the artwork AND it describes where I am in life at this point. I can't even describe the level of "comfortable in my skin" I'm feeling and the extreme lack of interest I have in engaging in head games or the slightest hint of foolishness. If it's not coming from a place of love, I don't even try to make space for it (unless I feel a very specific call for patience from God). I have absolutely 'let my hair down' in these more mature years God has graced me with -- not as in wild, but as in free and peaceful. So the lyrics are still verrrry authentic but the way the concept came about was uh...engineered a bit. LOL.

*lyrics below

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LET MY HAIR DOWN (Interlude)

I say it like I learned it

I'm living like I earned it

I'm done with life obsessing

I'm walking in my blessing

I'm walking in my blessing so

I'm about to let my hair down

I'm about to let my hair down

I'm loving loving more

Your apathy's a bore

I'm focused and authentic

No interest in pretending

No interest in pretending so

I'm about to let my hair down

I'm about to let my hair down

Just wanna let it down to keep It real, real, real, real

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