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ann g

The Sarah Project Experience

Welcome to The Sarah Project Experience. Here I've created an experience for each song, giving you visuals, backstories on the songs as well as the lyrics. I have been very honest...more vulnerable than I had imagined at the start of this but once I opened the door, I wouldn't have felt authentic turning back, so here I am in all of my...realness.  :-)

Thanks for taking this very personal musical journey. The creation of it all was an amazingly spiritual experience for me. I worked with no other producer or musician and all "instruments" are human sounds created by me so there is absolutely no space between the vision of each song and the manifestation of it.

On most of this music I felt like an observer as the songs wrote themselves. I feel privileged for them to have come through me and honored to share them with you.

Massive gratitude and immense love,

Ann G

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