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I've been getting emails and DM's asking, "Are you the same Ann G from "If She Knew..."?" Yes. It's me. I've been busy in the industry for some years since the Atlantic Records and "If She Knew" days, writing songs for and developing other artists, as well as vocal coaching. I've lived through a lot of music industry changes and just...lived a lot in general. 
I had new stuff I wanted to say from my "grown woman" perspective so I decided to hop back in the artist role and do a whole a cappella thing. I'm calling the style "RnB beatboxing". I created all of the vocals and instruments with my mouth (except of course the claps...haha)...the drums and bass sounds you hear...I sang them all and just manipulated EQs. Just felt intensely creative and had to get it out. I hope you can hear the love, passion and authenticity bleeding through the music.

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